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Security and control

The security and control area in Bynet Systems applications is structured, as a System House responsible
for all project aspects to the turn key stage.

The activity of this area is closely linked with the long standing, highly-experienced area of communication infrastructures. Together, these fields enable comprehensive solutions from the communication infrastructures components to board security systems, control and BMS systems.

The services offered as part of the security and control area starting with the identification of need, through characterization, design, implementation and management up to the delivery of complete project.
Additional flexibility is achieved through the use of in-house systems, which Bynet Systems applications
offers as part of exclusive marketing and distribution agreements with high technology companies.

The expertise in this field includes a wide variety of security, control and BMS systems which are implemented into the organizational communication infrastructure and controlled by a central controlled system:
  • Buliding control systems
  • Computerized access control systems
  • CCTV and digital recording systems
  • Integrated protection and security systems (HLS)

                 Alarm and penetration detection systems

                Peripheral  security systems

                 Intercom and emergency systems

  • Fire detection and extinguishing systems

Security and control

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