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Terms of use

terms of use

Terms of entrance and use of the website  (henceforth: “the website”)

Following are the provisions of a binding agreement between you and Bynet System applications Ltd (“Bynet System applications”). By entering and/oe use of this website (“the website”), you agree that you have read, understood and are in agreement to be obliged and subject to the provisions of the website as detailed henceforth and in the website and to act in accordance with them and with the instructions of any applicable law and that you and/or anyone on your behalf will not have any claims against Bynet System applications except for claims pertaining to the breach of this agreement. Should you not be in agreement with the aforesaid, you are requested to exit the website without using it.
  1. You declare acknowledge and agree that all copy rights, trademarks, trade names, patents and the rest of the rights appearing and/or embodied and related to the website and/or the mentioned services provided by Bynet System applications pertaining to this website including all rights as aforesaid in all products, contents, knowledge and the aforementioned services and/or offered by Bynet System applications through this website (“the products”) as they are today and as they will be in the future, are the sole property of the manufacturers of the products and/or Bynet System applications and that you do not and will not have any rights and/or demands and/or claims pertaining to the rights as aforesaid.
  2. All contents and/or knowledge and/or advice and/or recommendations and/or products offered by Bynet System applications through this website are offered and given as is without any kind of warranty, explicit or in general, that they are correct and/or complete and/or they fulfill the user’s needs or that they will function, in any manner, without failure or errors and/or they are not breaching any patent rights and/or copy rights and/or trademarks and/or any intellectual property right except for as detailed explicitly in the warranty provisions offered by the manufacturer and attached to every product. Bynet System applications will not be responsible pertaining to any error, failure or omission in the website with all its contents. The use of the website including everything bound and stemming from it is at your sole responsibility. Notwithstanding the aforesaid anywhere else, Bynet System applications will not carry any responsibility, explicit or in general, directly or indirectly, including payment pertaining to damages for any damages whether direct or indirect or resultant, which will be caused to you, to your client or to any third party or a payment pertaining to losses, the lost of profits whether stemmed from the use of this website and/or the inability to use of this website and/or from this agreement or from the way of their execution and/or as a result of an action or inaction, use or non-use of the products offered in this website and/or of the data produced from it and/or as a result of problems related to the year 2000 and/or as a result from the breach of patents and/or copyrights and/or trademarks and/or any intellectual property.

    In any event, Bynet System applications and the products’ manufacturers will not be responsible to you, to any other client or anyone else for the resultant or indirect damages including the loss of profits and income pertaining to this agreement including bodily damages to a person or any damage to property including if Bynet System applications was warned in advance as to the possibility of a possible damage as aforesaid. The responsibility detailed in this paragraph totalizes all obligations and responsibility of Bynet System applications under this agreement. In any event and without derogating from the aforesaid, the liability of Bynet System applications pertaining to any claim or damage pertaining to this agreement is limited toward any entity, corporation and/or anybody else to the sum of $ 2,000 (two thousand USD).
  3. Moreover and without derogating from each and every manufacturer, you are not authorized to make any change, addition, deletion, update or unauthorized use of the website and/or of the software in the website as well as you are not authorized to make any change or use which is not authorized of the intellectual rights, trademarks, the professional secrets and/or any other information available in the website including the addition or the elimination of functions and modules and/or reverse engineering of any of the products.
  4. Notwithstanding Bynet System applications testing, from time to time, the information available in the website, part of the information and the contents in the website are being provided by third parties. Bynet System applications is not responsible for the precision and/or the correctness of any part of the information and/or knowledge and/or contents available in the website which were provided by third parties as aforesaid.
  5. The website may include references and links to other websites which are not under the control of Bynet System applications. The links and references as aforesaid are for the mere convenience of the clients. In any event, Bynet System applications will not be responsible for any information and/or data and/or contents available in other websites or which are accessible through other websites by using the links and/or references available in the website as aforesaid as well as it will not be responsible and is not making hereby any representation pertaining to the quality of any information, service and/or product available in other websites as aforesaid and will not be responsible for any damage and/or expense caused pertaining to any other website.
  6. Bynet System applications hereby prohibits the unauthorized links and/or references to the website and/or to any part thereof. Bynet System applications reserves its right to delete unauthorized links and/or usages as aforesaid. In any event, Bynet System applications is not responsible for any information and/or contents available in other websites even if they include any type of link and/or reference to the website.
  7. Since there is no way to ensure the information given through the internet, it is hereby clarified that Bynet System applications is not responsible for any disruption and/or delay in the communication through the internet or for the changes or the loss of information. You are responsible for the safe keeping and the securing of the password, the user identification and/or any identification feature and/or the verification included or pertaining to the entrance to the website or to parts thereof.
  8. Bynet System applications is entitled, at any time, immediately and for any reason at its own discretion, to change and/or update the website and/or add and/or decrease from the products and/or the contents offered on the website and/or change the prices of the offered products and/or shut down the website and/or change the terms of entrance to the website and/or enable additional entities the entrance to the website and/or terminate the agreement and you will not be entitled to any consideration and/or payment of any type pertaining to any change and/or termination of the agreement as aforesaid. You agree and oblige hereby to be subject and comply with all aforesaid changes and updates as they may be from time to time.
  9. In any case of contradiction between the instructions detailed in the website and this agreement and the instructions which were explicitly agreed upon with you in writing and by the signatures of both parties, the latter will apply.
  10. The Israeli law applies to this agreement and the local authority to consider any matter pertaining to this agreement is hereby given exclusively to the courts in Tel Aviv Yaffo.
  11. In any reference, in the website, to the male gender, the female gender is intended as well.

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