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Portable Access control system

The Portable Id Check System (PICS) is a modular system developed by Bynet Systems Applications
which enables check & control at faraway distant crossings.
System description
The PICS system enables the verification of the traveler’s identity at the highest and most precise level
by combining three components:
  • Advanced passport scanner - enables scanning and verification of the traveler’s documents
  • Finger-print scanner - performs a biometric verification of the traveler’s identity
  • Digital photography – is an additional and complementary feature for travler verification and  identification.

The integration of these components enables the determination of traveler identity, at a high level of certainty, by making a comparison with the data-base available in the system.

The PICS system stores and documents the details of the travelers on site and enables the creation of diverse reports
in accordance with various parameters, and the issuance of transit visas as needed. Moreover, the system enables various documents to be scanned and attached to a specific traveler.

The interfacing with the central data base at the end of the checking process enables it to be updated with new data collected during the checking process, as well as synchronization with the "black list" of unauthorized travelers.

The components of the system

  • Portable case - in the form of a trolley (wheeled) or a back pack
  • Portable computer - designated program synchronized with the central data-base
  • Backup battery - enables about 4 hours of service
  • Digital camera
  • Passport scanner
  • Finger-print scanner
  • Proximity card reader - optional
  • Laser printer - to issue certificates and unique permits (optional).

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