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Data center

The field of IT systems in the organization is entirely based on the services of the Data Center.

 The Data Center environment has high speed traffic of information and high density of equipment.

In many organizations, the IT managers and Chief Financial Officers are required by management to increase efficiency both financially and technologically and to achieve maximal availability in the field of computerization
and network resources while adjusting the IT components and the network resources to the size and needs
of the organization.

IT managers and chief financial officers can definitely create such increase in efficiency by the adjustment to the
size and needs of the organization. A large size organization can create savings by establishing an organizational Data Center and medium and small organizations will earn more by using the services of a Data Center to be provided and managed by a third party.

However, the savings will only be created if the Data Center including its various infrastructures will be erected
by a supplier capable of providing such turnkey execution in a professional and simple manner which will lead
to an uninterrupted performance requiring minimal maintenance and will include backup and support
in a case of a future disaster.

Bynet Systems applications is specializing in the erection of physical infrastructures for the Data Center
which include among other:
  • Power infrastructures: planning various types of capacity calculation systems, power requirements pertaining to cooling, lighting and equipment including remote routing and control by IP managed PDU systems and UPS.
  • Cooling infrastructure: whether environmental (Inrow) or in the servers cabinets. A large size and stable Data Center has to have the knowledge of coping with the problem of cooling and particularly the cooling of blade servers since as the servers grow in size, each server unit emits more heat and the problem disposition of
    heat becomes bigger.
  • Servers cabinets, communication and advanced physical infrastructures.
  • Physical security in number of cycles and fire protection.
  • Optical cabling infrastructure for the LAN and also for the SAN in order to enable a higher
    rate of information transfer.
  • A central management system for all infrastructure components in the Data Center.

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