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Communication infrastructure

The Bynet Systems applications corporation is a leader in the assimilation and integration of novel, leading edge technological developments. The high-quality and professional communication infrastructures of Bynet Systems applications enable clients the future expansion and high flexibility in the design of the data and telephony communication in the organization.

The Bynet Systems applications corporation installs meticulously designed, high-quality and advanced communication infrastructure systems. This area of expertise includes:
  • Design and execution of cabling systems projects for standard, unified and integrated communication
    networks for data communication (CAT-5E,CAT-6/6a), telephony and A/V systems.
  • Infrastructure solutions for data centers including cooling, UPS, managed PDU, KVM, Security and
    Environmental Monitoring, etc.
  • Infrastructure Solutions for advanced optical Systems. FTTD (Fiber to the desk) Optical systems.
  • Wireless Lan solutions.
  • Patch view - real time configuration management and control of communication infrastructure.
  • LanCabTM gold - A smart rack for the communication infrastructure.
  • Computer rooms built to customer specifications including racks and server farm.
  • Comprehensive solutions for small office and home office (SOHO- mall Office Home Office).
  • Network endpoint solutions - cabling infrastructure, equipment and telephone exchange.

Communication infrastructure

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Bynet recently completed construction of an advanced project main computer room in Yediot Aharonot. >>

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