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Quality standards and accreditations

The values of “uncompromised quality” and “customer satisfaction” are at the heart of Bynet Systems applications policies and light up its way of conducting business.

Bynet Systems applications is certified supplier of the Israel's Ministry of Defense and carry ISO-9001:2008 certification by the Israeli Standard Institute. In addition, Bynet Systems applications has a network end point license from the Israel's Ministry of Communication for the provision of telephony services at the customer premises.

The company is a member of BICSI, an international organization devoted to knowledge distribution
and training of communication network experts.

Bynet Systems applications is certified for the following systems:


        Security & Control

  • RiT  –  Smart cabling and intelligent  
    infrastructure magement  Solutions
  • APOLLO – Access control and security
    intelligence systems
  • APC –  Network-Critical Physical
    Infrastructure (NCPI)
  • INFINOVA – Ip and CCTV surveillance
  • CORNING - Advanced optical solutions
  • VICON – Ip based security and video solutions
  • SYSTIMAX – Network infrastructure solutions
  • VERINT – Video intelligence solutions
  • R&M – Passive cabling solutions
  • DVTEL – IP Based video systems
  • 3M – Fiber to the desk solutions
  • DELTA – Real time building
    management systems
  • MAVIX – Surveillance solutions over IP
  • CHAMEEON Tactical – Advanced CCTV control
    and display software
  • FALCONTROL - Face Recognition and IP based Access Control systems


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